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Ruby Toolkit Don XMLSERVICE/ZZCALL program source


    H AlwNull(*UsrCtl)                                       

    D Step            s             10i 0 inz(0)             

    D  INCHARA        S              1a                      
    D  INCHARB        S              1a                      
    D  INDEC1         S              7p 4                    
    D  INDEC2         S             12p 2                    
    D  INDS1          DS                                     
    D   DSCHARA                      1a                      
    D   DSCHARB                      1a                      
    D   DSDEC1                       7p 4                    
    D   DSDEC2                      12p 2                    
      * main(): Control flow                                           
     C     *Entry        PLIST                                         
     C                   PARM                    INCHARA               
     C                   PARM                    INCHARB               
     C                   PARM                    INDEC1                
     C                   PARM                    INDEC2                
     C                   PARM                    INDS1                 
        Step +=1;                                                      
        INCHARA = 'C';     
        INCHARB = 'D';             
        INDEC1 = 321.1234;         
        INDEC2 = 1234567890.12;    
        DSCHARA = 'E';             
        DSCHARB = 'F';             
        DSDEC1 = 333.333;          
        DSDEC2 = 4444444444.44;    
        // *inlr = *on;            

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