• OpenSSL versions
  • PASE
  • Popular PASE programs
    • PASE Pgms IBM supplied programs that are often requested (xlc setup, PRPQ toolkit, ssh server setup, etc.)
      • xlcSetup - download trial version of xlc compiler for PASE
      • SSHSetup - ssh(client) and sshd (server i5/OS)
      • 5799PTLPRPQ - download IBM PRPQ toolkit
      • SHELL - fun with QSH, call qp2term, ssh, sh, PASE c programs and RPG
    • Open Source Binaries IBM AIX hosted pre-compiled programs that you may find useful in everyday tasks (unzip, gunzip, image manipulation, editors, gcc, etc.). The information is offered “as is”, please check this License link for additional details.
      • Pdf2PsOutq ZendCon/LUG members want IBM i transform PDF documents → PostScript → OUTQ
      • PASE ezwindow utility to enable non-browser server side GUI programming for System i languages
      • Databases PASE databases PostgreSQL, ZendDBi/MySql moved to databases section
      • Git IBM i using Git for version control
      • KSH93 IBM i Security Auditing ksh93 for use with ssh (see SSHSetup)
    • Open Source for IBM i (from IBM)
  • Interesting RPG code using PASE
    • RPG XMLSERVICE web call, RPG popen utility, RPG ezwindow GUI moved to RPG section
  • Interesting ILE C using PASE
    • ILEC ILE C popen utility
  • PASE CGI (using ILE Apache)
    • Apache PASE CGI perl, sh, PHP moved to Apache section
  • PASE broken, let me count the ways …
   1) Customer authorization IFS "lock down" until PASE runs fail authorization (IFS "lock down" until nothing works)
   2) Customer destroys PASE product symbolic links /usr/bin, /usr/lib, ../bin, ../lib, etc. (installing AIX binaries)
   3) Customer restores "back-up" which clobbers PASE with ancient version (SAV/RST error)
   4) Customer creates IFS install for "other machines" which clobbers PASE version (INSTALL error)
   5) Customer journaling IFS bytestream files part of PASE product (journaling /QOpenSys/* IFS files)

CCSID issues

Have CCSID issues? Junk characters? Nothing works?

  • IBM i actions, see CCSID