• FastCGI IBM i - PHP FastCGI configuration and common issues
  • PHP - PHP DB2, Toolkit, applications …
  • PHP iASP - PHP Zend Server running on iASP example
  • XMLSERVICE i - PHP Toolkit calling PGM, SRVPGM, CMD, PASE and examples
  • PASE CGI How to setup PASE CGI for perl or sh (with full example)
  • perlSetup - PASE perl (by Ryan Watkins)
  • ab — Apache ab tool from old Zend Core (simulate browsers)
  • PASE chroot overly secure PASE deployments (not all roses)
  • Python How to setup PASE Python for Apache FastCGI (common example)

CCSID issues

Have CCSID issues? Junk characters? Nothing works?

  • IBM i actions, see CCSID